can you put metal roof over shingles

Can You Put a Metal Roof Over Shingles?

Yes, in most cases, you can put metal roofing over your current shingle roof. While there are benefits to reroofing, sometimes removing your original roof materials is best before installing the new one. Our contractors at Pinnacle Roofing can help you decide which is right for you. 

Metal roofing systems are becoming increasingly popular and for a good reason. As more and more people become aware of the benefits of metal roofing material over traditional asphalt shingles, people all over the nation are making the change. Read on to learn whether you should remove your asphalt shingles or leave them be. 

Benefits of Roofing Over Asphalt Shingles

If your asphalt roof is in good condition, you may be better off leaving it and installing new roofing material over it. The following explains some of the benefits of roofing over asphalt shingles: 

Lowered Labor Costs

Because there’s no need to remove the original roof, you aren’t paying for the extra labor or removing the materials. This lack of labor significantly lowers your overall cost in the short term. 

Added Protection

If you leave the original roofing, your home becomes more energy efficient. You’ll have two separate layers keeping in the cool air in summer and the warm air in winter. An aluminum roof reflects heat, too, improving your insulation. 

The metal roofing panels protect the shingles from inclement weather and damage, protecting your home from the elements. Your shingles will last longer with added protection. 

Faster Installation Process

Less labor requires less time, so you can quickly benefit from your new roof. Keep construction to a minimum and get back to your life faster by adding roofing panels over your shingles. 

Disadvantages of Reroofing 

While skipping the demolition and getting a brand new roof right away has several benefits, sometimes it is not your best option. The following explains when you should remove your shingles. 

Building Codes

Where you live may dictate whether reroofing is an option. Occasionally, building codes forbid this act, and disobeying will result in heavy fees. Always research local building codes before making decisions to protect yourself. 

Trapped Moisture

Metal roofing in Phoenix is moisture-proof, adding significant benefits to your current roofing materials. However, if the roofer places metal over damp materials, that water gets trapped between the roofs. That moisture can cause rot, mold, and mildew to destroy your home. 

Choosing a qualified contractor mitigates this risk. Our team will inform you if they notice moisture and will take steps to fix it. Implementing a standing seam roof allows the water to dissipate, creating a better environment for roof health.

Previous Roof Damage

Only reroof if your current roof remains in good condition. Rotting, pest infestations, mildew or mold, and other damage will worsen with a new roof lying on top. Always ensure your contractor inspects your roof thoroughly for signs of disrepair to inhibit costly repairs in the future. 

If your current roof is too heavy for your house, adding more material on top will cause severe issues. Speak with our roofers if you notice the following signs:

  •  Buckling trusses
  •  Leaks 
  •  Sagging roof decking

While metal roofing is exceptionally lightweight compared to asphalt shingles, adding more weight to an already overburdened home may cause disastrous results. Metal panels weigh less than a pound per square foot compared to asphalt’s four pounds per square foot. 

What You Should Do Before Installing a New Metal Roof

Have our roofing contractors thoroughly inspect your roof before beginning construction. Understanding what is wrong with your current roof helps you plan for the future and lessen the need for expensive repairs. 

Ensure the roofer removes or fixes broken tiles and checks for leaks. All leaks require repairs before installation. Check all parts for rot and disrepair. 

Always read the warranty for your new metal roof, and ensure that reroofing does not void it. One of the main benefits of metal roofs is their extreme durability and long lifespans, so ensuring you meet all requirements helps you with future repairs to keep your roof as long as possible. 

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