can you replace a shingle roof with tile roof

Can You Replace a Shingle Roof With Tile Roof? 

Tile roofing protects homes from harsh weather conditions, mold growth, and harmful UV radiation. Arizona homeowners continue to explore tile roof options when undertaking roofing projects. But what should homeowners do if they wish to replace their existing shingle roof with tiles? 

Professional roofing companies happily replace shingle roofs with tiles at an affordable price. Always confirm that the general contractor you hire has years of experience in the roofing business, holds valid business licenses and insurance, and offers generous warranties on roofing materials. Quality construction ensures your new tile roof lasts for many years. 

Continue reading to learn more about replacing a shingle roof with tiles. 

Benefits of Tile Roofing in Phoenix 

Tile roofing remains an excellent choice for Arizona homeowners. Tile roofs come in various styles, colors, and textures to match the style of your home. Ask your local roofing professionals about the best roofing tiles for your specific location. 

Arizona residents benefit from the UV protection and moisture resistance of tile roofs. Asphalt shingles quickly become a breeding ground for insect infestations, moisture damage, and black mold growth. The many benefits of tile roofs include the following: 

Longer Lifespan

Tile roofs typically last twice as long as shingle roofs. Shingle roofs require replacement services after 15 to 20 years, while tile roofs last anywhere from 50 to 100 years if cared for properly. The longer lifespans of tile roofs prevent homeowners from paying for costly replacement services. 

Environmentally Friendly 

Slate and clay tile roofs consist of naturally occurring materials, unlike asphalt shingle roofs. Naturally, derived materials pose less damage to the environment and remain 100% recyclable. Slate roofs also provide additional protection against fire damage. 

The Metal Roofing Alliance states that nearly 20 billion pounds of shingle roofing fill landfills in the United States. Professional roofers often reuse older tiles, reducing the number of harmful chemicals released into the atmosphere and water supplies. Consider using wood shakes and clay concrete tiles for your roof to protect the environment. 

Better Results

Tile roofing contains natural corrosion-resistance properties and helps keep homes cool during the sweltering Arizona summer. Shingle roofs often become discolored under the blazing hot sun. Concrete tile roofs protect homes from dust storms, high winds, and fire damage. 

Arizona homeowners can choose from countless styles and colors of tile roofs, as opposed to only a few choices of shingle roofs. Popular options like barrel roof tiles and cedar wood tiles look beautiful on any home. Speak to your local roofing professionals about affordable roof tiles suited for your home. 

Replacing a Shingle Roof With Tile Roofs

Roofing experts seamlessly replace shingle roofs with tiles. To ensure the success of your roofing project, always schedule annual maintenance of your roof. Regular roof inspections help prevent moisture damage, mold growth, and pest infestations from damaging roof decking and underlay.

Roofing professionals conduct the following procedures when replacing shingle roofs with tiles: 

Roof Inspection 

Professional roofers thoroughly inspect the drip edge, roof decking, underlay membrane, and existing shingles for signs of cracks, moisture damage, and general wear and tear. Damaged shingles risk decreasing the structural integrity of the new tile roof. If your decking and underlayment remain free of damage, professional roofers can proceed with new roof construction. 

Double-Check Building Codes

Roofs can only hold a certain amount of weight. Tiles installed atop shingle roofs may exceed the maximum weight your roof can safely support. Always double-check building codes for your home before installing new tile roofing. 

Tile Roof Installation 

Depending on the condition of your roof decking, professional roofers may install an additional underlayment between old shingles and new tile roofing. Experts utilize newly installed underlayments to provide moisture protection and support for your new roof. To avoid the costly process of removing old shingles from your roof, always regularly clean and maintain your roof at least four times a year. 

Roofing experts install new battens on your roof to support roof tiles. Battens provide a support layer for concrete, clay, and slate tile roofs. Installation of tile roofs takes between three to seven days, depending on your roof’s size, shape, and style. 

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