Summer Heat And How It Effects Your Roof

They say everything is better in the summertime. But, while a cold glass of lemonade might be more refreshing during the summer, the Arizona heat can really take its toll on your roof. Especially near the later parts of the summer, the months of heat and daily sunlight can result in serious problems for your roof. 

Although we can’t change the weather, we can become more informed of how the weather affects us and our homes. By knowing how the summer heat can affect your roof, you will be able to make more informed and better decisions when it comes to maintaining your roof. In this article, we will look at how the summer heat can affect your roof and what you can do to keep your roof solid all summer long.

How Can Excessive Heat Hurt Your Roof?

With more sunlight and higher temperatures, your roof can really take a beating. Living in Arizona makes this reality especially something to keep in mind. 

The first thing to consider is high temperatures. Unless you have shading from trees or nearby buildings, the sunlight and extreme heat will affect your roof. This is especially true for darker-colored roofing materials. Darker roofing materials will absorb heat more so than lighter materials and can lead to surface temperatures of over 150 degrees. These high temperatures accelerate the breakdown of chemical agents used in roofing materials and can make your roof more susceptible to damage. It is crucial to make sure you have adequate insulation as this heat can enter your home otherwise. 

The other side of this coin is increased UV exposure from sunlight. If sunlight hits your roof, you can guarantee UV radiation is present too. The effects of this radiation include quicker aging, cracking, and decay. Although sunlight is present all year round, it is exceptionally high in the summer. If you have a wood roof, this sunlight will be even more detrimental to your roof’s overall lifespan. 

The combination of excessive heat and UV exposure can cause something known as thermal shock. Thermal shock can cause your roof to expand and frequently contract throughout the day, and in turn, weaken your roof’s structural integrity over time. Thermal shock is especially significant for metallic roofing, which can warp and destabilize over time. 

Although you may not be able to change the weather or even your roofs materials, you can choose to get your roof regularly inspected and maintained to prevent unnecessary damage from occurring and keeping your roof safe and secure.

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