Benefits of Flat Roofing for Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings come in all shapes and sizes, and each one has its own unique needs. When it comes time to choose a roofing system for your commercial building, you have several options. One of the most popular choices is flat roofing. Furthermore, flat roofing has many benefits that make it an excellent choice for commercial buildings. 

A durable roofing system is one of the most important things you can have on a commercial building. If your roof leaks or needs frequent replacement, it could cost you thousands of dollars in repairs and lost business. 

So, choosing a flat roof could be the best roofing option for your building. Flat roofs are known for their durability and do not need much maintenance other than regular inspections every two to three years. This blog post will discuss some of the benefits of flat roofing and why it is a favorite choice for businesses.

Benefits of Flat Roofing for Commercial Buildings

Flat Roofing is Cost-Effective

The simplicity of a flat roof allows for much less material use in construction. Also, the construction process is less complex than a pitched roof, requiring less labor. As a result, businesses will spend much less money on flat roofs compared to other types of roofing.

Flat roofs are an excellent investment because they last longer than other roofs while also being affordable. EPDM rubber, TPO, and modified bitumen are durable and ideal for a flat roof. These materials won’t need as much maintenance or repair over time, which will save you money on replacements. 

Flat Roofs Reflect Sunlight

One of the most significant benefits of flat roofing is that it reflects sunlight and heat. The intense heat of Arizona can be uncomfortable and drive up energy bills. With a properly designed flat roof, you can reduce the amount of sunlight that affects your building.

Additionally, the reflective properties of your flat roof will save money on air conditioning. Better insulation can help with the comfortability of the environment of the building as well. You will have a more efficiently insulated building at a better price. 

Flat Roofing is Durable

As mentioned, flat roofing is very durable. Common materials include ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), or modified bitumen. All of these materials are highly durable and last for years.

Furthermore, a properly maintained PVC flat roof can last up to 30 years. EPDM and modified bitumen have shorter lifespans but are still durable and affordable.

Flat Roofs Provide Additional Space

If you have HVAC units or mechanical equipment in the way, flat roofs can be very of service. Mechanical equipment can harm curb appeal, and a flat top provides a perfect storage place. Additionally, installing air conditioning units on a flat roof is a diligent use of space.

In recent years, businesses have also incorporated recreational or green areas on their roofs. So, this is an option as well if you are looking for a unique opportunity for your building.

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