How long do tile roofs last

How Long Do Tile Roofs Last?

Tile roofs protect against harsh weather conditions, moisture damage, and harmful UV radiation. The wide varieties of tile roofs allow customers to choose from many different colors, styles, and materials to find the perfect tile roof for their home. But how long does a tile roof last? 

Many factors determine how long tile roofs last. Always contact reputable local roofing companies for all roofing projects to guarantee your tile roofs last for many years. Proper installation, quality materials, and techniques ensure your tile roof thrives for the maximum number of years. Continue reading to learn about how long tile roofs last. 

What Factors Determine How Long Tile Roofs Last 

When planning roof repairs or replacements, the sheer amount of options for new roofing material seems overwhelming. Deciding which roofing materials work best for your home depends upon your home’s geographic location, size, and weather conditions. The most popular types of roofing include the following: 

  • Terracotta 
  • Metal
  • Copper
  • Slate
  • Clay
  • Asphalt 

All roof tiles have various benefits, shortcomings, and expected lifespans. Speak with your local roofing contractors to find the best systems matching your budget, style, and location. The most important factors to consider when choosing roof tiles include the following: 

Weather Conditions

Roofs protect our homes from inclement weather. Ideally, rains strike our roofs and filter down gutters away from the siding and foundation of homes. Problems occur when damaged roofs and clogged gutters prevent rainwater from escaping roofs. Signs of moisture-damaged roofs include: 

  • Discolored siding
  • Cracked foundations
  • Broken or curled shingles
  • Leak in the attic 
  • Flooded basements 
  • Tile roof lasting less time than expected 

Many roofing materials successfully endure heavy winds, UV radiation, and moisture accumulation for over 100 years. Metal, clay, and slate roofs provide the longest-lasting protection against weather conditions. Quarterly roof inspections performed by trained professionals identify signs of damaged roofs before moisture and bacteria damage your home. 

Call roofing professionals if you notice signs of precipitation entering your home. Accumulating moisture and debris from the environment damages every area of homes, causing costly repairs. 

Type of Roofing Systems

Every type of roofing material maintains a different life expectancy. Some roofing materials last over 100 years, while others require replacement after only ten years. Selecting the proper roofing for your home ensures you won’t pay hefty roof replacement and repair costs. The expected lifespan of the most popular roof tiles includes the following: 

  • Terracotta (100 Years)
  • Metal Tiles (60-90 Years) 
  • Copper (70 Years) 
  • Wood (30 Years) 
  • Asphalt Shingles (20 Years) 

For residents of Arizona, asphalt shingles treated with UV protection provide an affordable, functional option for your home’s roof tiles. Polyurethane foam and metal roofs offer excellent protection from harsh weather conditions, keeping homes cool in the summer and warm when the temperatures begin to fall. With proper cleaning and maintenance, tile roofs last for many years. 

Mold, Moss, and Mildew

Mold, moss, and mildew can quickly deteriorate the roof structure. Trees overhanging your roof provide the perfect dark, moist environment for moss growth. Moss may seem innocent, but widespread moss growth on roofs inevitably leads to insect infestations, moisture damage, and staining of shingles. 

Professional cleaning companies offer cleaning services specifically designed to treat delicate roofs. Pressure washers equipped with wide-spraying, low-pressure nozzles effectively remove roof-damaging bacteria. Bi-annually clean your roof to preserve your roofing materials and protect your home from moisture damage, poor air quality, and black mold growth. 

Regular Maintenance

A tile roof lasts as long as you provide your roof with the required maintenance and cleaning services. A few brief checks of your roof a year prevent homeowners from shouldering the burden of roof replacement costs. Many professional roofing companies offer free consultations to determine roofs’ health and life expectancy.

Before purchasing new roofing materials, please speak with your neighbors to understand the price they paid for roofing, how the weather conditions impact their roofs, and which roof style remains popular. Darker-colored foot tiles tend to obscure the angles and unique designs of roofs and absorb heat, making homes much warmer during the summer months. Lighter-colored tiles, like sandstone and beige tiles, showcase the individual styles of roofs and reflect UV light. 

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