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How Long Does a Residential Roof Last?

It’s one of the first questions potential home buyers ask during the homebuying process: how old is the roof? Not only that, but homeowners not looking to sell often need a good sense of how old their roof is and if they need to repair or replace it. In this blog, we’ll discuss the different residential roof types and how long you can expect a roof to last. Whether you’re a buyer or a current homeowner, read on to learn more.

About Residential Roofs

A roof is one of the most important structural aspects of a home. Good roofs allow for energy efficiency and keep the elements out of your home. Without a good roof, you can expect to see issues with high bills and even damage to your home. That being said, not all residential roofs are alike. Residential roofs come in many shapes, sizes, and materials. These materials and the quality of the materials have a direct correlation with the life expectancy of a roof.

How Long Does Each Type of Roof Last?

The different types of roofing materials have different expected life spans. Some of those materials and their expected lives are below:

Asphalt Shingles

As the most commonly used roofing material for homes in the United States, the life span of these roofs is likely what you are going to hear when you ask “how long will a roof last?”. You can expect asphalt shingles to last anywhere between 15 and 30 years, depending on the climate and other conditions in which the shingles are located. Asphalt shingles are generally quite good at standing up to sun, wind, and rain over their lifespan.

Wood Shingles

Though certainly less common, wood shingles are also a good option for residential roofs. You can expect wood shingles to last about 30 years. The caveat here, however, is that wooden roofs require regular upkeep to achieve this 30 years, whereas other roofing materials do not require as much or any upkeep to ensure a long life of the roof. Many homeowners choose wood shingles for a natural look for their homes.

Clay Tile

Clay tiles, or terracotta tiles, are quite long-lasting for residential roofs. You can expect clay tile roofs to last 50 years or more! These types of roofs are quite expensive to install and are best done by a professional, but maintenance and replacement are certainly fewer and farther in between compared to other roofing types.


As you might expect, metal roofs have a longer expected lifespan of at least 70 years. That’s right, a metal roof could last you 70 years or more! This should make sense due to the durability metal as a construction material in general offers. Metal roofs are more expensive than other roofing types to install, but as you can see, they offer a solid long-term investment for the homeowner who does not want to replace their roof anytime soon.


Finally, slate roofs, which are a type of stone, can last even longer than metal or clay roofs. They can last 100 years or more. Many manufacturers of slate roofs offer warranties that range between 50 years to a lifetime. If you intend on living in your home for life and don’t want to ever replace your roof, have a good look at slate roofs to see if they might fit the bill for you.

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