how to repair a foam roof in Phoenix AZ

How To Repair a Foam Roof in Phoenix, AZ

Foam roofing provides an affordable, effective option for Arizona homeowners. Many roofing materials require frequent repair and replacement services, but foam roofs impress residents due to their easy installation, weather-resistant properties, and low maintenance costs. Contact your local roofing professionals to learn more about the advantages of spray foam roofs. 

But how do you repair damage to your foam roof? Spray foam roofing systems remain incredibly easy to fix. Roofing experts can fully repair foam roofs in less than a day. 

Continue reading to learn how to repair and install spray foam roofs. 

Benefits of Foam Roofing in Phoenix

When choosing new roofing for your home, consider the many benefits of foam-sprayed roofs. Installing many types of roofs requires costly labor, expensive building materials, and weeks of disruption to your daily routine. Foam roofs require the least time, money, and energy to install. 

Although not recommended, many homeowners fully install foam roofs themselves. Never attempt to repair or replace roofing without the supervision of professionals, as over 150,000 Americans a year require medical assistance after falling from roofs.

The many benefits of choosing foam roofs include the following: 

Save Money 

Foam roofs remain less expensive than asphalt shingles, slate tiles, and solar roof tiles. This low cost roof coating per square foot ranges from $2.50 to $3.00. For reference, metal roof tiles range from $5.00 to $20.00 per square foot. 

Customers who opt for foam roofs also save money on labor costs, repair costs, and higher-priced replacement services. Professional roofers can perform foam application on any roofing, including terracotta, metal, and wood roofs. Avoiding the costs of removing old roofing saves customers tremendous time and energy. 

High-Quality Results

Additional coatings to foam roofs add increased weather resistance, UV radiation protection, and scratch resistance. SPF roof sprays provide improved insulation for your home or business, reducing energy costs and keeping your building comfortable all year. Foam roofing typically lasts over 40 years, while aluminum and fiber cement roofs last only 15 to 20 years. 

Low Maintenance

One of the most significant benefits of foam roofing remains its low maintenance requirements. To keep your foam roof in perfect working condition, always thoroughly clean your roof at least four times a year. Regular cleaning of foam roofs prevents moisture damage and mold growth from deteriorating the decking and underlay of your roof. 

Conduct annual inspections of your foam roofing for signs of insect infestations, black mold, storm damage, and water damage. Even a small, damaged area of your roof left unattended can damage the roof decking. Speak to roofing professionals about conducting roof inspections of your roof once a year. 

Repairing a Foam Roof 

If you notice signs of damage to your foam roof, don’t panic. Fixing a foam roof proves much more straightforward than replacing broken shingles or installing new roof tiles. Follow these tips for identifying and fixing foam roof damage: 

Roof Inspection 

Inspect your roof for small holes, leaks, discoloration, and moss growth. Contact local roofing professionals immediately if you observe widespread damage to your foam roof. Damaged roofs risk collapsing if not appropriately treated. 


If your foam roofing in Phoenix has minimal damage, you may consider conducting repairs yourself. Use extreme caution when climbing on your roof, as serious injuries may occur when working at great heights. Consider the following safety tips when repairing foam roofs: 

  • Always work with a partner to provide support 
  • Wear rubber-soled shoes when walking on a foam roof
  • Avoid repairing the roof during inclement weather conditions
  • Wear safety goggles, gloves, and durable clothing when performing roof repairs

Clean and Dry 

Cut away the damaged portion of foam roofing with a sharp knife. Thoroughly inspect the area under the damaged foam for signs of damage to your roof decking—thoroughly clean and dry the damaged area before applying coats of sealant. 

Apply the Foam 

After waiting for the exposed area of your roof to dry, apply caulk, foam, or silicone to repair damaged roofs. Foam sealants require just a few hours to cure and harden fully.

While you can perform this task yourself, we always recommend you seek the help of trained professionals for all roofing projects. 

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