Metal Roofs in Arizona: Pros & Cons

There are many options to choose from when it comes to roofing materials. One option that is becoming increasingly popular in Arizona is metal roofs. A metal roof can add a sharp look and excellent protection to your home.

However, a metal roof is not the only choice. When considering a metal roof, you must think about whether or not it will fit your home. There are multiple factors to consider in this decision. Pinnacle Roofing aims to ensure we educate our customers on every one of their options.

Is a metal roof the right choice for your Arizona home? There are pros and cons to consider in making your decision. Before getting a metal roof in Arizona, here are some important things to know.

Pros and Cons of Metal Roofs in Arizona

Pro: Metal Roofs are Durable and Energy-Efficient

Some people tend to think a metal roof will overheat your house. However, the opposite is true. Metal roofs reflect the sun’s UV rays and keep your house cooler. As a result, you can expect a 10-25% decrease in cooling costs.

In addition to their energy efficiency, metal roofs are highly durable. Compared to other roofing materials such as wood shake or clay, metal is much stronger. The strength of a metal roof will help keep your home protected and your roof lasting longer.

Pro: Metal Roofs Can Last Up to 70 Years

The durability of metal roofs allows them to last 40-70 years. You could have a roof that lasts a generation with proper maintenance and installation. 

The longevity of metal roofs is a selling point for many homeowners. Though it can be pricey, the investment made on a metal roof saves money in the long run. An asphalt or clay roof could require up to 3 replacements in the same time one metal roof lasts.

Pro: Metal Roofs are Easily Managed

As metal roofs are highly resistant to environmental elements, you do not need to worry about them as much. While requiring occasional inspection, metal roofs rarely need replacements.

With this in mind, it is still wise to check your roof after storms or temperature changes. However, the design of metal roofs allows them to expand and contract to accommodate temperature changes.

Con: They Can be Expensive to Install

The main drawback with metal roofs can be the price. The material is lightweight, but no ordinary roofer can install a metal roof. Installation requires a team of expert roofers. Without a knowledgeable team, there could be issues with your roof.

Improper installation can reduce the lifespan of your roof and cause problems. That is why here at Pinnacle Roofing, we are extraordinarily precise in every step of the process. We make sure we give you the best service possible.

Con: They Can Rust or Dent

With improper care or installation, your roof could be prone to rust. Though Arizona does not experience nearly as much rain or snowfall as other states, it can still become an issue. This risk is why occasional maintenance is key to keeping your roof in its best shape.

As mentioned, Arizona does not experience nearly as many storms as other areas. However, hail storms can dent a metal roof if strong enough. Though rare, it still must be repaired by experts rather than other roofers.

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