Roof Maintenance for your Composite Shingle Roof

Roof Maintenance for Your Composite Shingle Roof

As one of the more common roofing types in the United States, composite shingles have become a great, common way for many homeowners to protect their home from the elements at a fairly cost efficient price. With so many homes of this type in the country, you may be wondering as a homeowner or potential homeowner what type of maintenance is required for this roofing type. Read on as we discuss that in this blog.

About Your Composite Shingle Roof

Composite shingle roofs are shingled roofs that are made up of many different materials. Each shingle can be made of many materials to best protect your house, such as fiberglass, polyester, plastic, wood, and other materials. Together, these help create a strong waterproof roof that is pretty resistant to UV rays.

How to Maintain Your Roof

Luckily, composite shingle roofs really require very little maintenance to ensure a great, long-lasting roof. The biggest problem homeowners of shingle roofed homes encounter is algae. According to Home Advisor, in areas of the country that are particularly wet, such as the Pacific Northwest, the Midwest, and Southeast, this buildup can occur in between and under shingles. 

As you might expect, this buildup can damage the roof over time, particularly when it begins to obstruct the designed water flow path. This algae might make you want to powerwash your roof – but don’t! This causes additional wear on your roof that ages it. Instead, your best bet is to call a roofing contractor to apply a solution to the algae to rid your home of it. 

Always be sure to inspect your roof from the ground on a regular basis, looking for damage and irregularities in texture. Many times, repairs can be done to small patches of the roof to keep it looking good and functional for a long time.

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