Roof Repairs vs. Roof Replacement: Everything You Need to Know

There are certain parts of owning a property that no one looks forward to. Perhaps one of the most dreaded fixes properties need is when roofing issues arise. What if there is more to roofing issues than just putting a new one on every twenty years or so? What if there could possibly be a repair done to your roof, instead of an entire replacement? Read on to learn more about the differences between roof repairs and roof replacement. We’ll cover everything you need to know to begin making an educated decision for your property’s roof.

When Your Roof Needs Attention

It’s easy to go years without thinking of your roof. However, being vigilant with regard to your roof could save you big money when it comes to repairing your roof. To look for signs your roof needs work, look at things like the age of the roof, flashing around vents, and that the shingles are laying flat. If one or more of these things seems off, then you might need a roof repair or replacement. Here are the differences between the two to help you discover which is right for your property.

Roof Repairs

Roof repairs are simply fixes to a roof that is already existing. Similar to patching a pair of pants, this allows for the continued use of the roof for a longer amount of time.

Would This Work for Your Roof?

Roof repairs are best for roofs that are younger in nature. They are also typically a good solution for a home that has sustained minor to mild damage as the result of weather, such as wind damage that pulled some shingles loose. Roofs that are leaking can also be candidates for repairs, depending on how deeply-rooted the issue is. Roofs that have extreme damage are not good candidates for repairs; this is like putting a bandaid on a broken bone.


There are some benefits to repairing your roof, as opposed to replacing it. Perhaps the biggest pro is the cost. Repairing your roof is going to cost significantly less money than replacement. In addition, it is often also done in less time, meaning you and your family can get back to your normal routine quicker.


The biggest negative to just getting a roof repair is that a roof replacement will probably still be in your future. Roofs get old and need to be replaced; it’s simply a fact of home ownership. Think seriously about how much life your roof has left in it and whether the duration makes this repair worth it.

Roof Replacements

Roof replacements involve the swapping out of the entirety of your roof via demolition and reinstallation. This is much more involved in nature and is sometimes the best option as opposed to a repair.

Would This Work for Your Roof?

Roof replacements are typically done every 20 to 25 years. If your roof is nearing that age and is beginning to have issues, a replacement may best suit your long term home goals and needs. If a leaking issue has been unable to be resolved with repairs, oftentimes replacements are needed, too. In addition, roofs with serious damage, such as hail damage all over or damage due to fallen trees, may require a total replacement for the roof.


Roof replacements bring a couple of great benefits with them. First, the home value is increased, as any future homeowners do not need to worry about this for awhile. Replacements can also increase curb appeal, once again upping the value of your house. Replacements can also give you extreme peace of mind, knowing that the roof above your head is safe and going to hold up over time.


As discussed previously, roof replacements cost more than repairs, due to the amount of materials and labor they provide. It certainly is an expensive fix and can take more time for the roof to be completed.

Pinnacle Roofing Can Help

If you’re looking for a second opinion to bounce roof replacement versus repairs off of, perhaps Pinnacle Roofing can help you. We are a family owned and operated business and have been serving our community for over 21 years. Our team prides itself on being a very high-quality residential and commercial roofing service. In addition to servicing both residential and commercial customers, we can also support repair and replacement for several roof types. You can feel at ease with our team at work in your home or business, knowing that the job will get done and will get it done right.

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