Roof Repair: Identify What is Best

Your roof is the crown jewel of your home. It is the primary source of protection for your home that makes it safe for you from the natural elements.

Unfortunately, as time passes and houses age, the structure’s integrity diminishes, and when it comes to your roof, that is especially true. Year after year, your roof is exposed to intense conditions that slowly, over time, will begin to wear down your roof.

When you first notice damage on your roof, you may be unsure how severe the damage is or how expensive it will be to replace it. So, let’s look and see how to know whether a roof repair, roof patching or a roof replacement.

How To Know Whether to Repair, Patch, or Replace Your Roof

While every roof is different and unique with its own needs, some general considerations can help you differentiate between roof repairs, roof patching, and roof replacements. Here is when you should choose:

To Repair Your Roof

A roof repair is generally performed when your roof is experiencing minor to moderate signs of damage. Roof repairs are often conducted for reasons such as fixing leaks, preventing roof damage, and preventing wear and tear. Roof repairs are for issues a little more complicated than replacing or patching a few shingles, but without requiring a new roof.

To Patch Your Roof

Patching your roof is for minor roofing issues such a damaged or missing shingles following a storm or just from normal wear and tear. Patching your roof is the cheapest option by far and is often performed before any major issues come up. While it is easy to overlook the need to get your roof patched, it is by far the smartest and most affordable option to prevent further wear and tear on your roof.

To Replace Your Roof

Lastly is the most extensive and costly roofing project, replacing your roof and installing a new one. Total roof replacements are performed for moderate to severe roofing issues where there is extensive damage to the roof’s integrity or when a roof is nearing its functional lifespan. While total roof replacements are the most expensive option up-front, getting the right one installed will save you money in the long run. That’s why if you need a roof replacement, you shouldn’t put it off.

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