The Importance of Foam Recoating for Energy Savings and Roof Durability

The Importance of Foam Recoating for Energy Savings and Roof Durability

Many people think of a roof as the final touch to their home. It provides a great aesthetic appearance to the rest of your home, but did you know a roof is responsible for a lot more than just its look? That’s right. The best roof will even help your home stay more intact, keep unwanted guests (like pests or rodents) out, and save you money on energy costs.

But with so many roofing options out there, how do you know which one is right for you? Look no further. The experts at Pinnacle Roofing have got you and your family covered with our high-quality foam roofing services. We’ll explore the benefits that come with a foam roof in this blog, especially increased durability and decreased energy costs.

What Is a Foam Roof Coating?

A foam coating for your roof—also known as spray foam roofing (SPF)—is a quick and easy process to improve an existing roof. It’s becoming a popular roofing solution, especially for Arizona homeowners. Foam roof coating works by spraying a liquid on a flat roof that then expands into a foam. This foam generates a solid layer that sits on the surface to protect it.

Why Do You Need Foam Recoating?

Like most home solutions, foam coatings unfortunately don’t last forever. A well-installed foam roofing (like those from Pinnacle Roofing) can last up to 50 years. However, it’s not uncommon to rely on more frequent foam recoatings to reinforce the existing foam layer.

Benefits of a Foam Roof Recoating

Regular inspection and maintenance for your home is the best answer to ensuring the property lasts for decades. One aspect of regular residential upkeep includes your roof. Here are some of the benefits that a foam recoating can offer.

Affordable Option

Foam recoating is undoubtedly the most affordable option to improve your roof, because it doesn’t require a full-blown roof replacement. Roofs can be an expensive endeavor, but when you’re proactive and smart, you can count down on the maintenance costs. One effective route is recoating every now and then.

Easy & Quick Process

Because recoating doesn’t require a lot of equipment or time, it’s a very easy process. Other roofing work can take weeks to complete, but a foam recoating doesn’t take anywhere near that time!

Low Maintenance

Chips, holes, or more on your roof require immediate attention. And unfortunately, roof problems can derail an entire afternoon. Strengthening your roof with another protective layer will result in less maintenance for you, because there’ll be fewer and fewer problems.

Keeps Pests Out

The biggest entryway for pests, especially rodents, to enter your home is through the roof. When you close all possible entryways with another coat layer, you eliminate the potential of rodents coming in. You and your family will be more comfortable and safer without pests living in your attic or kitchen.

Less Energy Costs

The best home projects are those that put more money back into your wallet. When you choose to recoating your roof’s foam layer, you’ll quickly notice reduced heating and cooling costs. Bad roofs can let hot or cold air escape, causing you to crank your AC or heating. But when you reinforce your roof with another spray shield, all of the air stays in the house. This means you won’t have to constantly adjust your energy, saving you money.


In addition to being environmentally-friendly because it reduces energy, a roof foam recoating is also green because it results in less waste. Spray roofs create little waste, because there’s less roof stripping and removal. Plus, the original roofing material doesn’t end up in a dump (like it would with a replacement), so it cuts back on trash and waste.

Increased Durability

You might not think about it, but the roof plays an integral part in keeping the entire home intact. So, a stronger roof does more. When you recoat an existing spray roof, you enhance its durability. As a result, your roof—and home—will be more durable.

Want to Learn More about Roof Foam Recoating?

Is your roof looking a little worn or showing signs of leaks? Or maybe you just want to be proactive to keep your roof in the best shape? No matter the reason, contact us to learn more about foam recoating and we’ll even give you a free estimate. Whether you’ve worked with Pinnacle Roofing in the past and want to reinforce your roof or went with other roofing contractors, we want to help!

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