Top 3 Tips for Your Foam Roof During the Winter Season

Top 3 Tips for Your Foam Roof During the Winter Season

Foam roofs are a popular choice for many who are in locations with more extreme temperature swings, as they do a great job insulating the home at the desired temperature more efficiently than other roofing types. As the winter months approach, it is important to consider the types of maintenance you might need to do on your foam roof. Read on as we discuss some tips for keeping your roof in tip-top shape during the colder months.

Top 3 Foam Roof Tips in the Winter

Though this list is not all-inclusive, here are a few important things you should know about your foam roof heading into the winter months:

  1. Check For Damage in the Fall

Perhaps the most important thing you can do when caring for your foam roof is to check for damage prior to the winter. The fall months are a great time to do this. Visually inspect the roof for damage, as well as note any issues you’ve seen in the prior months with drainage or otherwise. Contractors can also help more fully assess the damage from a closer perspective by getting up on the roof.

  1. Ensure Repairs Are Done Promptly

Once you determine there are repairs needed, be sure to get them done sooner rather than later. Foam roofing is more expensive to do in the winter due to the nature of the work, so the sooner you can do this in the summer, fall, or winter, the better off you’ll be. As with any type of repair, it is better to have it done sooner rather than later to ensure damage does not snowball into more.

  1. Ensure Repairs Are Done Well

Finally, when selecting a contractor to do your repairs, choose wisely. Ensure the contractor is licensed, ensured, and experienced with foam roofing. Read reviews about them and see what type of services they commonly offer.

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