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What is an Energy Saving Roof?

These days, there’s a lot of talk about energy efficiency. With rising energy bills due to inflation, many Americans are looking for any solution to lower their energy bills. Utilizing an energy saving roof is just one of many ways you can help lower your energy costs. Read on as we discuss what an energy saving roof is and how it helps to lower your bills.

What is an Energy Saving Roof?

As you might suspect, an energy saving roof is one that allows your home to save as much energy as possible. This is done via a few different methods, which we’ll discuss below. The bottom line, however, of energy saving roofs, is that they allow less heat to get into the home and more cool air to hang around. In turn, this helps your air conditioning work less hard during our hot Arizona summer and fall months.

What Makes A Roof Efficient?

Though these types of roofs can come in several shapes, sizes, colors, and textures, energy saving roofs have a few features in common across all types. Some of these features are:

Reflecting of the Sun

As you might suspect, great energy saving roofs reflect the sun well. This makes sense, as absorbed heat will seep into your home, causing your AC to work overtime. There is actually a measurement for this reflection. It is called the Solar Reflectance Index, or SRI. This allows us to actually quantify the amount of heat a roof captures and how much it is able to deflect. Energy saving roofs have higher SRIs, which indicate more reflection and lower energy costs.


Energy efficient roofs have good ventilation. It’s a bit weird to think about airflow between your roof and your living space, but it is actually essential to ensuring efficiency. Good ventilation ensures any trapped heat can get outside as soon as possible. There are several types of vents used in efficient home roofing, such as static vents, wind powered vents, and electric vents. Like anything, each has some good and bad about the type, but the point with all remains the same: get as much heat out as possible to ensure your home is doing the minimum amount of work to keep it cool.


Some of the most energy efficient roofs are lighter in color. Dark roofs, similar to dark cars or wearing a black t-shirt outside on a hot day, can mean extra trapped heat inside your home. This is due to the fact that dark colors collect and trap more heat than lighter colored roofs. Energy efficient roofs can be constructed in light colors, or a lighter color can be applied to some materials to lighten it up, ultimately saving energy and your wallet.

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