Can Foam Roofing be Installed Over an Existing Roof? Pros and Cons 

Many Phoenix homeowners don’t look forward to getting new roofing. There is no doubt investing in an upgrade for any type of roof, including tile and metal, can improve your home’s curb appeal, stop damaging leaks, and help lower energy bills. But the potential for a noisy and messy project and the hassles involved in construction are not necessarily welcome.

Although investing in a new roof in Phoenix will likely disrupt your routine for a few days, choosing experienced roofing contractors to perfect the work can minimize any inconvenience. When you have insight into the typical work timelines and know how to prepare your home and family for the project, you gain peace of mind and reassurance that it will go smoothly. 

Our team at Pinnacle Roofing, the Phoenix Metro Area’s leading roofing company, is the go-to source for local homeowners who need new, high-quality roofs from experienced contractors who guarantee customer satisfaction. Here, we share some ideas about what to expect during a new roof installation. 

How Homeowners Can Prepare for New Roofing in Phoenix 

Most new roofing installation projects take a week or two to complete from start to finish. Here is what to expect once you hire a local roofing company:

Project Review 

Once you and your contractor choose a roof installation date, they will review the project with you before beginning work. They will confirm the details of the project, the materials you selected, and that they have any required permits. The roofing company will also review how you can get ready for the work and let you know how much of square footage they need in the yard to accommodate materials, truck and equipment parking, and roof access. 

Home Preparation

Many roofing companies provide a checklist to help clients prepare for a new roof installation, prevent damage to their belongings, and make cleanup easier. This home preparation list can include the following:

  • Cut the grass to make fallen nails and debris more visible.
  • Protect shrubs and garden beds from falling debris by covering them with plastic tarps.
  • Relocate outdoor furniture, toys, and other items so they are out of the way.
  • Protect belongings in the attic from dust and debris falling from the ceiling by covering them with sheets or plastic tarps.
  • Take down items hanging on the wall or from the ceiling so they don’t fall off due to vibrations. 
  • Pack away breakable objects that could fall off shelves or other surfaces. 

Don’t forget to make arrangements for your children and pets to spend the day elsewhere while the roofers work. This ensures everyone’s safety. 

Material Delivery Planning

Roofing materials usually arrive at the worksite several days before work begins. The roofing company will also likely deliver a dumpster to collect debris. Clear space in your yard or driveway before the expected delivery date. 

Removing the Old Roof

Contractors have to remove old roofing materials before they install the new roof. Crews remove existing roofing material from top to bottom. This process can be noisy while the contractors walk around the roof and take off old materials.  

Making Repairs 

Before installing the new materials, the roofers will inspect the roof and make repairs. as needed. For example, they may need to address rotted roof decking, replace missing flashing, or seal leaks in the vents and chimney.

Material Replacement 

Once the roof deck is ready, the crew will start the noisy and labor-intensive process of installing the new roof. They begin by installing new roof underlayment, drip edges, and valley flashing. 

Next, the roofers start attaching the roof tiles or shingles with nails or the metal roofing panels using screws. Whatever roofing material they are installing, the sound of hammering will carry inside until the project is complete. How long this takes depends on the roof size, weather conditions, ad more. It typically takes one to three days to install a shingle roof and a few days longer to install a new tile roof.

Once the new roofing materials are in place, the roofers install the finishing touches. These include the ridge cap, new vents, and flashing. They also reattach the gutters or install new ones.

Clean Up 

Professional roofers clean up your yard when they finish installing a new roof.  They will remove all debris and ensure there aren’t any nails or screws on the ground for anyone to step on. Before they leave, they will conduct a final inspection to check shingle or tile alignment, make sure seals and nails are secure, and the ridge cap is seamless, and make any last-minute adjustments. 

Trust Pinnacle Roofing for All Roofing Needs in Phoenix

All Phoenix area homes eventually need new roofing. Although the construction process might disrupt your routine for a few days, the long-term benefits of a reliable, high-quality roof far outweigh a temporary inconvenience. Local homeowners who choose family-owned and -operated Pinnacle Roofing to install a new roof can expect a seamless, stress-free process that puts their satisfaction first. 

Our licensed and insured contractors of Pinnacle Roofing have over 25 years of experience working with Arizona homeowners and a reputation for quality service. We have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and work with our clients to make getting new roofing as simple as possible. Give us a call today at 623-471-7096 to request a free estimate and learn more about the roof installation process. 



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