Why Are There Bubbles in My Flat Roof?

Why Are There Bubbles in My Flat Roof?

It can really stink when you’ve spent a lot of time, effort, and money on something for it to quickly fall apart and have issues. Flat roofs can, unfortunately, sometimes fall in this category, especially when installed incorrectly. Flat roofs can be particularly susceptible to bubbling on the roof. In this blog, we’ll discuss what roof bubbles are, what causes them, and how you can help prevent them.

What Are Roof Bubbles?

Roof bubbles, or roof blisters, are little bubble-like protrusions that appear on a flat roof. These can also appear in longer formations, not just circular bubbles that are raised. Though these are somewhat common on flat roofs, larger bubbles can cause big problems in your roof. Thus, these larger blisters should be addressed promptly to ensure problems do not pile up and cause even bigger issues within your property.

What Causes This?

These bubbles are often caused by air or moisture being trapped between roofing plies. It can also be caused by air or moisture being trapped between the substrate and membrane. The air and moisture is able to be trapped because of the creation of a void, which is simply an “unstuck” area of the roof.

Voids are able to form because of a few different reasons. First, as you might expect, improper application of the adhesive during installation can cause voids to be able to form. In addition, improper mopping viscosity or moisture in/on the felts can cause this. Finally, trapped debris can allow for voids to form, as well.

How Can I Prevent These Bubbles?

Perhaps the best prevention of roof bubbling is to ensure installation is done properly. This can be done by ensuring you are hiring a licensed and experienced contractor to install or repair your roof. This will hopefully ensure installation is done properly and adhesion is applied thoroughly and properly. A knowledgeable contractor will also ensure your roof is totally flat, clean, and dry before doing their work to ensure voids cannot form.

You can also help this by keeping your roof clean and free of debris. If you can, try to ensure trees do not hang over your roof and that after a storm, leftover debris is removed.

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